Thursday, January 24, 2013

Will Power

Food....I love it. I love all of it. I need to diet but I just can't make myself stick to it. I try for a week, I do well and then I break. I just cave to the temptations. I need Will Power. Right now I am at the I would just rather be fat and happy place. Yeah, that's where I am at. Will Power come and save me please. Now, excuse me while I go eat me strawberry crepe.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's a Doggy Dog World

It's funny, living with two dogs in the house. Some days it doesn't phase me. Some days i feel like i have two extra kids and they won't give me any space to breath. Today is one of those days. They are following me around, getting in my know, just annoying me. But on most days they really are fun to have in the family. Brennan loves,loves, Loves Lola.

Lola is our three year old miniature dachshund. She is Brennan's sleeping buddy. It's a love hate relationship. He loves her and she hates the fact that she is held "prisoner" when he's home. They work it out. It's funny to watch....most of the time.

Then there is Delilah. Delilah is a Labrodoodle she is a year old and still doing "puppy" stuff...
                                        like the day she tore up a whole roll of paper towels
I'm lucky i have a single pair of shoes left to my name. She is finally learning that she gets in deep trouble for these things and that she might not want to do it. You can tell she's starting to think a little before she acts. just a little :-)

                                                                   Lola Bug

                                                            My Furry Children :-)


Monday, May 7, 2012

LIFE...The good and the bad and the beautiful

It's been a while since i have blogged. Almost a year. This has been a year of trials and errors for my family. We have been through some things, hard things and made it to the other side.... Alive and well and stronger than before. Life is tough. You learn as you go. The Key is to not give up. I have recently had to opportunity to care for my grandfather. He has had a gradual decline since the first of the year and was recently diagnosed with NPF( Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus) This past week he had a surgery to put a shunt in to relieve the pressure. Hopefully it will relieve some of the symptoms that he is experiencing. That is my prayer. That he has a better quality of life....It is so hard to watch someone you love in this condition. He is strong. He is a fighter.... Here is a beautiful picture taken of him and his great grand daughter over the weekend....

Life is hard. We have good times and bad times. Sometimes we don't understand the suffering.... But above all,  it is Beautiful.... Just Beautiful.

"How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant of the weak and the strong. Because someday in life you will have been all of these. ~ George Washington

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's been one of those days

                                                                    Need I say more?!?!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sam's in the double digits

This weekend Sam turned 10. It is so crazy that he is already 10 years old. I sure hope the next ten years slow down and i really get to take it all in. He is such a blessing to us and I am so thankful that God Blessed us with him. He is an answered prayer and I know God has many great things planned for him. When Sam was born he was under six pounds. 5pds 13ozs to be exact. When we brought him home from the hospital he weighed 5pds 7ozs. Man, was i scared. He was so tiny and perfect. I have learned so much in the last 10 years. I'm so glad to have my big boy now. He still comes and sits on my lap and i know one day soon that will stop. But until then, i will soak it up and enjoy every minute of it....

                                     Here are a few pics from his birthday this weekend.
Sam's Harry Potter Cake. He loves him some Harry Potter.
I love this, he is singing happy birthday with us...
I sure do love that Smile
He was so excited about his poster for his room.

We are finally done with birthday parties this summer!!!

Happy Birthday to You

This past week was my mom's birthday. We had her over and made her a cake. A rainbow cake :-)
Her Birthday is on July 15th. I remember when i was pregnant with Samuel
we were thinking he might be born on my mom's birthday. He almost made it
Just a couple days off.

Happy 49th Birthday Mom. Yeah, that's right, 49th ;-)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Orleans

Earlier this week me and the boys went with Blake to New Orleans.
 Blake travels alot and during the summer we take road trips when we can.
On the way there it was sunny  and the sky was beautiful
I took a shot of the sky because it was so pretty.
About 10 minutes from downtown New Orleans this happened
If you have ever been to the downtown New Orleans you know it can
be pretty stinky. I love to go but even I have to admit it has a pretty
bad smell around the french quarter. Add a good rain and really hot
cement, well you get the idea!

I almost missed this sign. It said God Bless Louisiana and I thought
it was really neat
Once we checked into our Hotel it stopped raining and we walked down to the French Market.
Here are a few photos i took along the way. I hope you enjoy :-)

This looked fun, but we decided that the poop bag hanging on the rear of the horse
was to much...stanky.

This was a performer showing off his equipment...I think this woman's expression is so funny

this is the cathedral...So pretty

There were groups of people like this everywhere waiting for the
                                                  "ghost" and " vampire " tours....Creepy!
A voodoo doll...Hmmm. Could you use a voodoo doll? Haha. Joke.
Just think it's a little freaky that someone would try and use
such a thing.

we didn't get to eat at cafe Du monde :-(
we woke up to late. Instead we went to McDonald's
Can you tell they were Upset :-)

We left the next day and came home.
and you know the
There is no place like home